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Anglo-Brazilian Society Annual Dinner – Chairman Sir Arthur Evans and Brazilian Ambassador Silva Moniz de Aragão, 14th June 1949.

The Anglo-Brazilian Society was established in London in 1943 to promote close and friendly relations between Brazil and Britain, and also to increase British people’s knowledge of Brazil and its culture. The Society welcomes the participation of anyone with an interest in or love for Brazil, regardless of their nationality. The Society’s Honorary President is the Ambassador of Brazil to the United Kingdom, and the Embassy, where the Society has its offices, gives the organisation its full support.

We organises lectures, exhibitions, musical events and talks by both Brazilian and British speakers. Talks have been given on subjects ranging from political issues to Amazon Indians. A varied and lively social calendar includes events such as cachaça tasting, churrascos and caipirinha parties, as well as events organised by the Younger Members Committee (the BrasiLusans). The Society is represented in the Anglo-Latin American Foundation (ALAF), which holds an annual charity fair at which the Society runs the Brazilian stands.

The Society is passionately committed to raising funds for Brazilian charities which address the needs of the underprivileged, especially children. Indeed, the Society’s councilors regard this work as the organisation’s core function. Fundraising is usually carried out by means of social events, the biggest of which is the carnival ball held at a prestigious venue in London. The ball, which consists of a formal dinner dance with live samba groups and other Brazilian musicians, has attracted as many as 800 people in recent years and has become part of the Brazilian social calendar.



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